Monday, February 16, 2015

An App - For Your Safety

You're carrying around an important ally almost all of the time -your smartphone. This small wonder simply needs the right kind of app to become your protector.

Family Locator ­ Life 360
Family Locator ­ Life 360 (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

As the name suggests, this is a GPS locator app that all family members should install. With this free app, you can create a private group with family members or friends called a Circle.Within the app, you can view a realtime location for each member and track himher in case of emergency .You can also automate sending of notifications when a family member arrives at a particular location.

Smart 24 x 7
Smart 24 x 7 (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone)

What makes this one stand out is that it can record voice, take photos and send them to preset contacts in an emergency . There is a panic button to alert your emergency contacts along with details on your current location. It also includes a dedicated, 24 x 7 call centre that can provide help in an emergency . The bonus is that you can locate and contact the nearest police station, hospital and fire station using the app.

VithU (Android, iOS)

This is a simple app with a focus on alerting your emergency contacts. First, you set up a list of emergency contacts in the app from your existing contact list and then the app keeps running in the background. In case of emergency, you need to press the power button twice in quick succession (only on Android) and the app will send messages to your set contacts every 2 minutes with an updated location.

bSafe (Android,iOS)

bSafe is a comprehensive security app that offers a number of safety features. You can add unlimited friends to an emergency contact list, share your location, fake a call to get out of difficult situations and also set a time-based automatic alert if you don't check in with the app.When you tap the panic button, the app will start broadcasting your location to your friends along with photos and videos.

SafetiPin (Android, iOS)

(Android, iOS) With this free app, you can check the safety score of different neighbourhoods, as reported by other users. You can view safe and unsafe areas of a location on the map and even find directions to a safe place. Apart from this, the app has the usual feature of GPS tracking, a notice to emergency contacts and a list of emergency public safety numbers.

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